Gary Henson & Vinny Atkins: Let’s Take Back Sacramento for Jesus Christ

Dokimos graduates Vinnie Atkins (2016) and Gary Henson (2015) have formed a regional Dokimos Prayer Team whose motto is “Take Back Sacramento for Jesus Christ!” They meet on the 2nd and 4th Friday of each month to pray for the region, government, local churches and businesses.

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The group has met mainly in churches, but they are looking to branch out and pray in other influential places, such as government buildings and local businesses. When the Dokimos prayer team meets, their goal is to encourage and empower people to win their neighborhood for Christ. Members of the team understand the importance of leaving something tangible for people to have when they’re gone, so they also leave written encouraging and prophetic words for pastors and congregations. Partnering with this ministry is a wonderful way to activate your spiritual gifts and practice hearing from the Holy Spirit to encourage others.

One of the churches the Dokimos prayer team had the privilege of praying for is pastored by Larry Joyner. He shared a testimony of how encouraging it was to receive a call from the group during a challenging time, “I was called by the ministry during a time in my life where I was having a medical procedure done. They didn’t know that I was going to have anything done, but Jesus had them give me a call to encourage me. They came and prayed, and my procedure went very well. Their visit was wonderful, and my whole congregation was encouraged.” Pastor Joyner’s testimony shows the importance of listening to the Holy Spirit and letting Him guide you to who He would like to encourage, which is the prayer team’s strategy.

The leaders of the Dokimos prayer team understand that spiritual warfare is real, and they love having the opportunity to stand by people and lift them up when they’re going through a difficult time. After praying at Pastor Donna Trumbo’s church, she shared this message, “The Dokimos prayer team has been a tremendous blessing to Life Community Church.  We have been in transition without a Senior Pastor for just over a year. Spirits have been low for both the staff and the congregation. Since the prayer warriors visited our church twice, the dark has been cast out and we feel that the Spirit is back in the house!  Praise God that we have a renewed hope, a greater commitment to persevere and an even greater vision to do our part in kingdom expansion. Thank you for offering your regional support to the local church and for standing united in Christ!”

The prayer team is made up of and led by Dokimos graduates, but all intercessors are welcome to join. Mary Cook has joined the group a few times, and she says this about her experience, “I am so grateful to the Lord for what He is doing in the Sacramento area. The Word says His Church will be called a house of prayer, and it is His timing that the vision of taking back Sacramento for Jesus Christ comes to our local churches now.  What a sign and a wonder for pastors and intercessors to come together in different churches all over this area to pray the Father’s heart into a matter. Without fail, these gatherings carry a special anointing & His Presence fills the room each time as we seek His face and ground is being taken. My hope is for every church to be blessed by this ministry, with His people linking arms together and calling forth God’s promises and plans for us in the Sacramento region.”

An important vision of the Dokimos Prayer Team is to form a bridge between church leaders and marketplace ministers. In order to accomplish this, the goal is to include other spheres of influence by praying for business owners and government officials. This group is unique because it is a ministry that blesses "the church" but does not stem from "a church." Most of the people involved are business people who want to use their gifts to bless others.

Let us know if you would like to have the prayer team come to your church, business or government office. We would love to pray for you!

To receive updates, meeting times and locations for the Dokimos Regional Prayer Team, please click here