What Does a Commissioning Ceremony Look Like?

Graduates of the Dokimos Project are honored in a Commissioning Ceremony. Each participant works on developing a “persona statement” during the 12-week intensive spiritual gym process, then boldly reads it in front of their group at the Commissioning Ceremony. It is a powerful process that results in increased freedom, renewed passion and clarified purpose. The persona statement is the main tool that our spiritual gym trainers use to assess proficiency in the following areas.

  • A vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ and hearing his voice in daily affairs.
  • A powerful identity statement that does not mention roles, responsibilities or relationships. Identity is who are you when no one is around? Who are you on an island all by yourself?
  • A journey of hope and healing that overcomes the hurts in life.
  • Awareness of spiritual authority and personal temperament using the “Redemptive Gifts” and “Motivational Gifts” models.
  • Completing a spiritual cleansing process.
  • Proclaiming the call of God for this season of life.

Each person is uniquely designed by God and we celebrate this diversity. It is our aim to have each person honored and assisted so that they walk out that which is highest and best in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. We hope you will join us, get equipped, and be one of our growing community of graduates!

The following video is a commissioning ceremony that took place in Sacramento. We’d like to give a big thank you to Victor Jenkins of Crave the Spotlight Media Marketing (www.cravethespotlight.com) for capturing the essence of one of these special ceremonies on video!