About the Dokimos Network

The Dokimos Network partners with churches and businesses to equip and commission workplace ministers. Our first God-sized goal is to see 7000 workplace ministers commissioned in the Sacramento Region. Our second God-sized goal is to see 1000 workplace elders equipped and commissioned. These elders are people who workplace ministers can go to for prayer, mentoring, guidance and assistance in reconciling relationships.

The Dokimos Network is a low-overhead non-profit organization, but we deliver a high-quality training experience. In order to do this, we have created a "Pay It Forward" donation program. That is, we have volunteer leadership and no building costs. We partner with churches and businesses to provide a growing team of spiritual gym leaders who lead spiritual gyms those businesses and churches. These gym leaders are paid a small honorarium for each person who graduates. Donations are encouraged to fund this "Pay It Forward" program.

The vision is to see societal transformation in Greater Sacramento through churches and businesses supporting workplace ministers by:

  • Equipping
  • Commissioning
  • Praying
  • Celebrating

Options for Commissioning

  1. 12-week Spiritual Gym (one night a week.)
  2. Self-paced Spiritual Gym with your team
  3. Take the Proficiency Challenge

After commissioning, we encourage ongoing equipping and have a resources sequenced for proficiency in living a life of transformation.

The network provides the following programs:

  • The Dokimos Project
    • Twelve session intensive training in identity, redemptive gifts, hope, healing, and divine assignments. Those who complete the course are commissioned in their God-given identity and calling as marketplace ministers.
  • Inner Healing Network
    • Listing of recommended inner healing ministries to assist people through the Dokimos Project.
  • Alumni connections, community and collaboration.